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The client services department at Facil-ITy has created a variety of documents to educate your staff quickly and cost effectively. Each of the documents provides the necessary instruction to insure that your company succeeds in implementing Facil-ITy. After reading our user manuals, your staff will have the knowledge and hands-on experience to streamline the implementation process and improve the management of your facility maintenance activities.

Classroom Training Sessions

Group Training
If your company or organization has a large number of employees to train, or if you want to customize the training to fit your company's or organization's needs, Facil-ITy can setup a custom training class for you.
Web-Based Training
Training can be performed online for your maintenance staff to participate and watch the Facil-ITy consultant live. Any class size.

Advanced Training Options

Client Onsite
Facil-ITy will send an experienced maintenance consultant to the client’s office to train the maintenance staff.
Facil-ITy Onsite
Client sends maintenance staff out to Facil-ITy training center in New York. To request further information about training, or to schedule a training session, contact our Training Department by sending an e-mail to training@facil-ity.com.