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Mobile computing offers a proven solution for efficiently populating the computerized facility maintenance system. Many facility maintenance industries have realized inefficiencies and costs related to a paper-based workflow, and they have invested in mobile technology to collect essential data. We adapt our technology to smart phones so users can access their data anywhere, any time and perform all on-site functionalities.
Internal Technicians
Managers can easily monitor their internal technician effectively using the phone app. They can completely track the vendors usage by enabling GPS and easily allocate the next work order closest to their current location.
Managers can dispatch work orders on a handheld device. The technicians can perform the actual work with instructions from the handheld units. They can also use the units to enter details on time taken and work performed, as well as to close the work orders. All the information is transferred into the Facil-ITy system in real time. Managers can establish a completely paperless work-order system, if desired.
Facil-ITy provides a phone app for company executives to track various departments. The Executive App track emergency work, cash flow, compliance etc.


Rapid growth in the tablet market is being driven by the demands of today’s mobile society. Consumers and enterprises alike are seeking real-time, on-demand access to content, the internet, computing and communication tools, and applications (apps). The tablet has emerged as the perfect device to provide access to these features and work along with the Facil-ITy phone application.
Work Order Managers
Coming Soon.