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Reviewthe existing business model
Customizethe technology
Provide training for all departments
We recognize that when it comes to corporate technology decisions most organizations don't know where to begin and who to trust.
Case Study
A nationwide facility maintenance organization utilizes a third party technology solution to manage work orders and process invoices.
Key Features
Facil-ITy offers several key features such as the mobile app, notifications and third party integration.

How We Can Help Your Business

Organize and process work orders and invoices with access from anywhere through our enterprise technology with a cloud platform.


   Facil-ITy Mobile App

The facility maintenance industry requires real time information to process work orders quickly. Sub-contractors and internal technicians spend the majority of their time in the field.

The Facil-ITy phone and tablet applications provide effective data communication from sub-contractors in the field to the corporate office in real time.


Core Technologies

Our technology provides for notes to be obtained throughout all areas. Notes can be associated to a client, location, vendor or work order. They can be viewed, printed, emailed or faxed at any time without leaving your workstation. Extensive note reporting is available throughout our technology for all note types with a variety of selection criteria.

Notes can also be generated from our vendor and client portals as well as our tablet based interface. Our solution can retain an unlimited number of notes and provide summary or detailed information regarding all types of notes entered into the system.

Our technology provides for documents to be obtained throughout all areas. Documents can be generic to a client, location, vendor or work order. Documents can be viewed, printed, emailed or faxed at any time without leaving your workstation.

Documents can be captured in the following methods: Scanned, uploaded via vendor or client web portal, uploaded via our tablet computing interface, dragged and dopped into one of the many accepted document forms and emailed directly into our technology.


Audit trails represent changes made to the information contained within our system. Any time information has been altered by a user our "Audit Trail Spider" captures the date, time, user, old information and new information and records this information within an audit trail. Users cannot alter or delete any information contained in an audit table.

Audit trail tables are maintained for the following information: Client master, Location master, Vendor master, Vendor Prospect master, Employee master, work orders, invoices, proposals, projects and vendor invoices.

While looking at information contained within our system, simply click on the "Map" button to open the data via Google Maps. When clicking "Map" for a location, the specific location will be displayed on a visual map.

This gives your account manager an overview display of the service location as well as each vendor's location. When bundling multiple work orders, clicking on the "MAP" button will display all locations being serviced along with the location of the vendor who is providing the service. Informed account managers make better decisions.