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Key Features

Mobile Technology
The Facil-ITy mobile app provides data communication from sub-contractors in the field to the corporate office.
Web Portal
Using web portals, the Facil-ITy system can be accessed via the Internet.
Interactive Voice Response is a technology that automates interactions with standard telephone systems.
Work Orders
Work Orders can be generated through a variety of methods within our technology solutions.
Quality Assurance
Facil-ITy quality assurance helps to highlight areas that need more attention in the future.
Notifications serve as reminders for time-sensitive information regarding work orders.
Third Party Integration
Other systems can easily integrate with Facil-ITy using a variety of the latest technologies.
Vendors are automatically notified if work order paperwork is not received within prescribed times.
Use Facil-ITy reports to review your data in order to make better decisions for your company’s future.