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Online Hosting Service

Facil-ITy hosting service does not require a significant upfront investment in hardware or software licensing fees. Since the application service is paid on a work order basis, there is no commitment and upfront costs are low. Since the software resides in the Facil-ITy data center, you do not need a crew of IT personnel to support and maintain the application and database servers.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reflects the total expense involved in purchasing, deploying, and maintaining a software solution. As organizations are demanding predictability and accountability for the total cost of software, hardware and support staff, TCO has become a popular decision making tool when choosing a software solution. The savings of an online web-based application are ideal for organizations seeking ways to reduce costs in order to increase profit.

Data Foundry Data Center
Facil-ITy has partnered with Data Foundry to provide hosting services. Data Foundry is the premiere experience based data center provider of world-class facilities for mission critical data hosting. For more information about the data center, please visit datafoundry.com
Main Features:
Experience global operator
Premium data center facilities with a fire suppression system
Secure, reliable and connected data center
Installation and ongoing hardware support
24/7/365 monitoring and attacks with real time alerts
World class high bandwidth network
Weather resilience and low incidence of natural disaster
Robust infrastructure and high quality reliable power