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Core Team

Zaree Voskerijian

Zaree Voskerijian, founder of Facil-ity.com, Inc. (Facil-ITy), has dedicated his career to the facility maintenance industry. With over 25 years of extensive experience, Zaree has worked to keep long lasting and meaningful relationships with various well respected service providers in the industry. He understands the value of streamlined operations, proactive market strategy and technological advances balanced with fiscal responsibility.

Zaree graduated from the City University of New York, Queens College. He also attended the graduate school at Queens College for Computer Programing. His experience in providing software to different service providers has given him the insight and belief that providing cost effective, quality oriented and reliable software is not only attainable but necessary for long term partnerships and growth. He continuously evaluate client needs and apply the appropriate balance of technological improvements. Using his experience in facility maintenance industry, he designed and continues enhancing Facil-ITy software systems.

Facil-ITy capitalizes on Zaree’s ability to streamline operational details while maintaining client standards for the customer experience, within budget objectives. He leads the company with continued growth by prioritizing client retention, partnering with service providers and developing a strong infrastructure of professional staff and a customized software system. Aware of the industry rush towards technology improvements, He continues to value and prioritize personal contact supplemented by technology improvements.

Chris Lui
Vice President, Product Development

Chris Lui, a talented, dedicated and driven professional, he has a comprehensive understanding of business operations, implementation and management. He brings with him over 20 years of experience spanning across different facility maintenance industry. Chris has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the City University of New York.

As the VP of Product Development, Chris oversees the introduction and implementation of best practices as well as the continuous Total Quality Management. He also assists in systems development and technological improvements throughout all platforms of operations. Chris is responsible of using data to define and deliver on a product strategy that will ensure the company’s ongoing growth and success.

Jimmy Joy
Product Manager

Jimmy brings Facil-ITy over fifteen years of his experience working in software analysis, design and development and has a degree in Computer Science. He was responsible for web-enabling a number of client software solutions in his prior positions, where he gained extensive experience in financial and governmental sectors.

Jimmy and his team are responsible for analyzing industry trends, customer needs, and technical solutions available in the marketplace, using the information to define and deliver on a Facil-ITy product strategy that will ensure the company’s ongoing growth and success.

Erica Mengouchian
Account Manager

Erica has been a welcome addition to the Facil-ITy team, bringing extensive experience in product promotions and customer relationships. Erica has made significant contributions towards developing Facil-ITy in-house training and support operations, sales, marketing, client relations and business development.