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Whether you're starting from scratch, or supplementing or replacing your existing technical and design staff, Facil-ITy can provide your company with the consulting expertise to take your projects to the next level. We offer an experienced team of maintenance professionals and technical specialists who can implement solutions for your business or organization.
Call us for more information about integrating Facil-ITy with your other applications at 516-739-1313. For more information about our Consulting Services, contact us via email at consulting@facil-ity.com

Implementation Services
Business Analysis: defining your current operational procedures and maintenance processes. Planning: designing a plan for implementing Facil-ITy in your organization. Execution: design best roll-out strategy including customization and training.

As part of the implementation process, many companies customize reports. Our customization services can handle your needs, whether they are small modifications, or larger scale customizations.

Data Integration
Many companies implementing Facil-ITy want to integrate data with other applications. We are committed to offering solutions to such integration needs. We are in the process of developing bridges to industry leading applications.