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Case Study

A nationwide facility maintenance organization utilizes a third party technology solution to manage work orders and process invoices.

The technology allows for entering work orders and invoicing clients, and supports web portal access for clients. However, the third party technology provider offers no intelligence or process flow to maximize productivity and does not utilize emerging technologies.

Facil-ITy, along with your existing IT team, works to to make your existing data compatible with the new technology.

Enter Facil-ITy's facilities maintenance solution. Facil-ITy performs a comprehensive review of the existing business model. Meetings with all department heads are scheduled to gain an understanding of how information is received, processed and managed throughout all departments. A follow up meeting is scheduled to discuss the review and provide insight and recommendations to where the business process can be improved.

A technology solution is agreed upon and a system development timeline with agreed upon deliverables is created. Data conversion meetings are held to review the conversion results and ensure data integrity is maintained during the technology switchover.
Facil-ITy prepares customized training agendas for all departments to ensure each department is able to utilize the new technology to its fullest potential. Training is performed onsite in group format for each department within your organization.

A "go live" date is agreed upon and all existing data is converted and ready to go on the agreed upon date. Facil-ITy staff is on site during the go live period providing "rapid response" during the this stage.

Thirty days after the "go live" date a face-to-face meeting with management and department heads is scheduled to review areas that can be improved upon. Facil-ITy works on the items discussed during the follow up meeting and applies these enhancements to the technology solution.

The above represents a typical Facil-ITy technology implementation. We continue to enhance the process to deliver the best possible solution for each client. Your experience may vary, however the fundamentals discussed above are considered in all our technology implementations.