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Completed work orders get queued for invoicing. Vendors are automatically notified if paperwork on completed work orders are not received within prescribed times.

Client Invoice
Client is presented with a single batch invoice for payment. This batch invoice would include details of each service performed along with a copy of the signed and stamped paperwork for each service. Invoices & signed and stamped paperwork can be printed at the time of creation or if needed at a later time.

Vendor Invoice
Vendor invoices are verified with work order NTE information and all work performed is denoted on the work order prior to invoicing. If required, signed and stamped paperwork is scanned in the system and work orders are processed into invoices. All applicable sales are automatically calculated and added to the work order based on existing business ruless. Invoices can be electronically sent to the client or a third party service provided. Individual invoices can also be combined to create a single batched invoice document summarizing all invoices within the batch.