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Who We Are
Facil-ITy.com, Inc is revolutionizing the facility maintenance industry through its remarkable software technology. Based in New York, we are a web-based solution for managing the facility maintenance industry. Our innovative facility management approach gives us a competitive advantage in cost, quality assurance, and customer service.

Facil-ITy.com, Inc was founded as a software company focused specifically on the needs of the facility maintenence industry.

Zaree Voskerijian, the founder and president, has dedicated the past twenty-five years working with different companies, with a specific focus in the facility maintenance industry. His technological background along with his extensive expertise in this field, has enabled him to make major improvements to this industry throughout North America.

Facil-ITy.com, Inc develops software with values that reflect our technological capabilities, along with an emphasis on a customer service oriented approach. We continue to develop products that adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Facil-ITy.com, Inc is a market innovator, delivering tangible solutions to meet ever more discerning facility maintenance industry expectations.

We recognize the values of surrounding oursevles with talented individuals within our industry that can provide your company with a modern and efficent technology solution.